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1. Your template mnntioes Joomla 1.7 but I'm assuming that covers Joomla 1.6. Maybe a note could be inserted.2. Some of the elements in the Template configuration, eg. logo, doesn't work or there isn't enough information for someone to figure out if they are doing something wrong or determine whether there is something wrong with their installation. To that regards it would be nice to have access to: a. A list of known bugs with possible work around. b. An updated version of the cursory user guide that was put together for the Joomla 1.5 template c. Where documentation is minimal because you assumed that the user would be able to get that information from some generic standard template it would be nice for you to refer/point to that documentation. eg. There is very little information about how the menus work I presume that you are assuming that the user can go to T3-Framework site to get documentation on the menu setup options or is there somewhere else on your site that goes through what each parameter does (more importantly should do) if you run into problems.Hope you don't take this as a critism we like you template but are feeling a little frazzled with the lack of documentation.Thanks Chris

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